16 Author Birthdays to Celebrate in February

We have many literary luminaries to celebrate in February. Earlier this month marked the 116th birthday of American poet and activist, Langston Hughes, as well as the 136th birthday of Irish novelist and short story writer, James Joyce.

If Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens were still penning tales today, we’d like to think they would throw a joint shindig, while receiving toasts on beloved favorites like Wilder’s
Little House on the Prairie
series and Dickens’
David Copperfield

To top off the festivities, we included some of the most highly rated titles from other February-born writers below. Which ones have you read?

Langston Hughes
(February 1, 1902)

James Joyce
(February 2, 1882)

Gertrude Stein
(February 3, 1874)

Laura Ingalls Wilder
(February 7, 1867)

Charles Dickens
(February 7, 1812)

Kate Chopin
(February 8, 1850)

John Grisham
(February 8, 1955)

Alice Walker
(February 9, 1944)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Judy Blume
(February 12, 1938)

Frderick Douglass
(February 14, 1818*)

Toni Morrison
(February 18, 1931)

Amy Tan
(February 19, 1952)

Edward Gorey
(February 22, 1925)

Anthony Burgess
(February 25, 1917)

Victor Hugo
(February 26, 1802)

John Steinbeck
(February 27, 1902)

Do you have another favorite author that has a birthday this month? Let us know in the comments.

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(*The exact date of Frederick Douglass’ birthday is unknown, though sources claim he celebrated it on February 14.)

posted by Marie
on February, 06