AD User randomly cant access network resources

I have a user running a Windows 10 Enterprise (1709) x64 laptop on our Active Directory domain. She is connected inside the corporate network via wired Ethernet. (have tried wifi, the same happens)

She has been complaining about an odd issue, whereby every-so-often when she tries to access a network resource such as the intranet (which is LDAP based authentication) or a mapped network drive, she cant, almost as if her AD account has been locked.
She logs off and on again, and hey-presto, its working again.

Just to add, when this happens, her phone also complains that it cant connect to the email server.
Sop this sounds like some sort of account lock within AD but nobody is going in to unlock it – it unlocks itself.

Edited to add:
I’ve just checked on the user account in AD, and it says she is currently locked out!

enter image description here

It seems to lock and unlock itself with no admin intervention.

2 minutes later…

enter image description here