Permission denied when I try to cd into any folder

I recently did a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04. When trying to cd into any folder in my home directory I get the following: bash: cd: Documents: Permission denied I ran ls -lstr and this was the result: 4 drw-r–r– 2 jessikwa jessikwa 4096 Jan 18 22:09 Videos 4 drw-r–r– 2 jessikwa jessikwa 4096 Jan 18 22:09 Templates 4 drw-r–r– 2 jessikwa jessikwa 4096 Jan 18 22:09 Public 4 drw-r–r– 2 jessikwa jessikwa 4096 Jan…

"Permission denied when I try to cd into any folder"

KX3 utility program installation

I am looking the way to install in Ubuntu 17.10 the KX3 utility program that is used for configuring the KX3 transceiver. It is a .tgz file (KX3UtilityLINUX_1_16_6_25.tgz). I am trying but I don’t know how to finish the installation, any help will be appreciated. bengar@bengar:~$ ls Addendum forms examples.desktop Pictures AVM Guidelines family-search-ubuntu-master poli Box2Tux-master kx3util_1_16_6_25 Public CONTRATO-DE-MESERAS.odt KX3UtilityLINUX_1_16_6_25.tgz Templates Custome Icons MEGAsync Videos Desktop Music VO DRAWING.JPG Documents output Downloads pc01.jpg bengar@bengar:~$ tar…

"KX3 utility program installation"

cant connect internet after installing dnscrypt

i was installing dnscrypt proxy in ubuntu 17.10 following guide below it all went well and dnscrypt working fine. the next time i turn on the computer i just can’t connect to internet. so i tried to uninstall dnscrypt proxy and refollow the guide to undo the change i made but it still doesn’t connect. i have no idea what wrong here and i really appreciate any help. edit: somehow i’m able to solve…

"cant connect internet after installing dnscrypt"

Mic is not detected

I have just installed Ubuntu 17.10 from Windows 10 (new Linux user) and my built-in mic does not work. In AlsaMixer, it says that my mic is detected and it is on Mic in AlsaMixer However, in my sound settings, there are no devices listed under the Input tab in my sound settings. Sounds missing mic Running the command “cat /proc/asound/devices” returns 1: : sequencer 2: [ 0] : control 3: [ 0- 0]: digital…

"Mic is not detected"

Xubuntu 14.04 lts network manager is missing, is there a work around to gain access to available wireless networks?

I hope someone can help. Please help, or I am going to have to go with a different OS. I updated a while ago to 14.04 xubuntu version. I noticed the icon was missing, but shrugged it off, as I was connected to the internet, and the machine worked. Good enough for me. However I now need to gain access to the network manager to add new network keys, as I can’t connect to any…

"Xubuntu 14.04 lts network manager is missing, is there a work around to gain access to available wireless networks?"

Printing margins Incorrect

I switched to using Ubuntu on my desktop about two months ago, and just now took the time to get my Canon Pixma MX922 printer working. However, whenever it prints anything, it prints with an extra inch margin at the top and then cuts off the bottom half-inch or so. This issue occurs when printing from a variety of programs and I can print the same documents fine from my Windows laptop, so it is…

"Printing margins Incorrect"

Unmet dependencies error while installing VirtualBox

I have tried installing VirtualBox by commands in terminal: sudo apt-get install virtualbox even adding to /etc/apt/sources.list: deb xenial contrib won’t help. I can’t download it from Ubuntu software installer, it gets stuck. The problem that comes in terminal is: Unmet dependencies. Try ‘apt-get -f install’ with no packages (or specify a solution). Downloading VirtualBox from official site gives error in extraction. I have tried top online search results solutions.

"Unmet dependencies error while installing VirtualBox"