Britain must force Facebook to change the way it operates — or paedos and terrorists get a free pass

ENOUGH is enough.

It is time Facebook was in the dock of a British court over the paedophile filth and terrorist propaganda it blithely spews out to the world.


Facebook may be prosecuted in the UK for failing to remove terror propaganda and child porn[/caption]

The latest revelations about the social media giant are stomach-churning.

Not only does it host illegal child sex abuse images and pages praising Isis, its software actively steers ­perverted ­individuals towards them.

Facebook bleats that it is merely a platform and cannot police everything that’s posted.


It is a vast global publisher making billions from advertising.

It can afford countless moderators, or more powerful programs, to take down the sickest material seconds after it is flagged up.


Moderators said vile posts didn’t breach the site’s community standards[/caption]

Instead, incredibly, it says some doesn’t break its guidelines.

We can only ask, then: just how warped are its rules?

Facebook’s indifference is repugnant.

It even had the brass neck to report journalists to police for emailing it examples of the vile images it was itself hosting.

Any other publisher would have been prosecuted years ago.

Why do special rules apply to irresponsible web firms?

If they are not now forced, by criminal penalties to change the way they ­operate, they never will be.

And Britain will have given a free pass to terrorist supporters, paedophiles — and the social media giant that recklessly grants them a safe space for their evil.

Ticks our box

Justine Greening wants grammars to take a certain number of pupils from families who earn less than £33k a year
Getty Images

THE Sun is all for excellent new grammars that aren’t just a means for well-heeled parents to dodge private school fees.

So Justine Greening’s plan for each to take a quota of kids from “just about managing” families is right.

We’re not sure a third is enough.

But we like that the Education Secretary is determined not to repeat the mistakes of the 1970s.

Selection tests must allow for poorer pupils not having private tutors to coach them.

And comprehensives cannot be left to rot . . . quite the opposite.

Despite protests from the Left, most people reckon grammars aid social mobility and want their kids to go to one.

They will mean more choice, smaller classes . . . and higher standards.

End the greed


EDF has imposed a £78-a-year price rise affecting more than a million customers[/caption]

EVEN for the grasping energy giants, EDF’s second price rise in only four months is a sickening bit of profiteering.

It is both a blatant abuse of its most loyal customers and a defiant two ­fingers to the Government and Ofgem, who warned against such hikes.

It cannot be justified.

This market, dominated by the Big Six, is failing Britain.

There is no other option left — the Energy Secretary ­cannot step in soon enough.

We are told action is finally imminent.

We hope it is worth the wait.

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