BSOD cannot load symbols for minidump

When I try to load a minidump file into WinDbg, it has problems loading symbols. If I try to reload the symbols and have !sym -noisy on, I see a lot of 404s (SYMSRV: HTTPGET: /download/symbols/halmps.dll/4CE7C66949000/file.ptr
SYMSRV: HttpQueryInfo: 80190194 - HTTP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND
) and it finishes with this error:

************* Symbol Loading Error Summary **************
Module name            Error
ntoskrnl               The system cannot find the file specified
                The SYMSRV client failed to find a file in the UNC store, or there
                is an invalid UNC store (an invalid path or the pingme.txt file is
                not present in the root directory), or the file is present in the
                symbol server exclusion list.

I just want to view this minidump file after a BSOD, but it seems I can’t get past these symbols errors.