Using master password without prompt popup in Firefox

I’m using Firefox and I have set a master password to protect my saved passwords. From there, each time I visit a website where I have a password saved, a box appears and is asking for my master password : Firefox Password Prompt Is there a setting or anything other I can apply in Firefox to prevent this pop-up behaviour, while still keeping a master password as protection ? Thank you for any help.

"Using master password without prompt popup in Firefox"

Unable to delete email messages in Outlook 2003

I am running Outlook 2003 and Windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. My email client profile had to be changed from pop3 to imap, when the outgoing email sever failed to recognize my username and password. When the change took place, a folder, similar to Personal Folders, was automatically created in Outlook for all my imap activity. All incoming email now goes to the new imap Inbox and is also stored under my account on…

"Unable to delete email messages in Outlook 2003"

Reset GUI in Ubuntu 16.04

Yesterday I messed up while trying to install the drivers for my graphic tablet… I could not get my keyboard and mouse to work (they disappeard from the xinput –list but the tablet was in it) and then I managed to also remove the tablet (so no input for me), so I was not able to log into my account via GUI/Gnome. When I log into safe mode, everything works fine and I have access…

"Reset GUI in Ubuntu 16.04"

How can I credit a commenter with giving the right answer?

In my recent StackOverflow question, I got an immediate answer in a comment. There was an interesting and useful actual answer later, but I felt the credit should go to the commenter. I invited him to give an answer, but he didn’t. So I put in an answer saying his comment should get the credit. But if I choose that one, or the other one, then he won’t get the credit.

"How can I credit a commenter with giving the right answer?"