I can’t install any newer versions of vagrant past 1.8.1

I am using apt-get to install Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04. The newest version listed on the website is 1.9.8, once installed I check the version and it is says I have 1.8.1 installed. I then tried downloading the deb package and installing it that way but got the same result. The reason I am trying to get a new version is because I am having problems with compatibility between Vagrant 1.8.1 and VirtualBox 5.1. I…

"I can’t install any newer versions of vagrant past 1.8.1"

Dual monitor locks sound to single HDMI output

Here’s how it goes, if I have a single monitor set up (either display port or hdmi), sound works just fine. If I have two monitors (One hdmi, one Display port), sound will still work, but in a single monitor only, I cannot change the output to a the other monitor port. I don’t know why, but sound defaults to the hdmi output, then I can’t change to display port output. Now if I start…

"Dual monitor locks sound to single HDMI output"

17.04 update login loop

I’ve seen a lot of login loop questions and threads and have tried everything from here – Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop Except installing gdm3, but I cannot get out of the damn login loop. Should I try gdm3? The only reason I didn’t yet is because I’ve been a long time ubuntu user and my default login is customized pretty specifically for work and school. What’s strange is I am able to…

"17.04 update login loop"

How may I print from a DosBox application to a wirelessly connected network printer?

I’m using a Surface Pro 2 running Windows 10. The DOS program from which to print is EZ-Tree, a genealogy application produced in 1987. Its List function does the printing and is extremely limited. Its configuration screen has nothing about printer configuration. I’m assuming that it looks for LPT1. My printer is a Brother HL-2270DW. The port setting for it is WSDxxxxxxx and identified as a WSD port which somehow or other deals with…

"How may I print from a DosBox application to a wirelessly connected network printer?"

Ctrl+Shift+number action

In Windows 10 it seems CTRL+SHIFT+NUMBER are now assigned to changing the desktop icon sizes. Is there a registry hack to disable that so CONTROL+SHIFT+NUMBER can be assigned to other functions? I’ve googled and every thing I’ve found has to do with the language bar. even trying those suggestions the changing of the desktop icon sizes still occur. I’m using a U.S. standard keyboard with an English version of Windows.

"Ctrl+Shift+number action"

Why ubuntu installer recommends so small boot partition?

I just run into no space with boot partition when I try to update / upgrade… I am curios why installer suggest so f*ing small boot partition when it then floods it with all the upgrade crap? Thanks Note: I left it small as suggested by installer because I expect it behaves same way like windows does with it’s 100MB hidden partition. It does not dump all the crap on it… Quite honestly I am…

"Why ubuntu installer recommends so small boot partition?"