Comment re-flag that gets accepted

First time meta poster here. Please don’t go to too hard on me for anything I might have overlooked… :)

I just got two “no longer needed” comment flags declined (question for reference). These were comments asking for more information on an answer which was later edited in the answer by the answer’s OP. So far I’ve learned from this question, that it was probably my error to flag them as “no longer needed” instead of flagging them for moderation attention and adding an explanation. Which is what I did directly afterwards for those two comments and an additional one, and got them accepted:

enter image description here

Now – not that I care too much about the declined flags – but seeing how this community and platform strives for perfection, wouldn’t it be appropriate to remove the declined flags in such a situation. It’s admittedly quite an edge case, but since the reduction of comment flags to choose from, I think this might happen more often now.