Here’s the one thing you should never do with your hair straighteners… that nearly every woman does wrong

HAIR straighteners have become a common appliance in British homes with over a third of women owning a pair.

But, if you are a regular user of the smoothing irons, you are probably storing them all wrong.

There’s a common mistake we are all making with our straighteners
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When they’ve finished styling most users wrap the cord around the wand – but according to brand leaders GHD, that is not a good idea.

In fact, your cord could end up damaged if you carry on – even if it’s not hot.

Chief Technology Officer, Dr Tim Moore told Good Housekeeping: “It doesn’t matter whether the styler is warm or cold – coiling the cable around the styler is generally a bad idea.”

Although you should never let the flex touch the actual plates, the wires won’t melt on the outside because they are designed to the “correct compliance standards.”

So it’s the coiling action which actually does the most damage.
Dr Moore adds: “Tight wrapping will lead to metal fatigue in the strands of copper which make up each individual wire in the cable and while the cables are flexible over time this metal fatigue will cause the wire to break internally and hence eventually fail.”

So instead the advice is to wrap the cords separately from the straighteners, in the way they are originally packaged.

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You should wrap your coil away from the wand
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