Man suffering ‘zombie Spice seizure’ in middle of street rushed to hospital ‘after cops told people tried to set him on fire with deodorant sprays’

A MAN has been rushed to hospital today after being “set alight” whilst suffering a seizure from “smoking the Spice zombie drug”.

Cops rushed to the scene amid reports the man, thought to be homeless, had been sprayed with deodorant before being torched in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Emergency crews arrived amid reports a man had been set on fire after smoking a former legal high
The man was rushed to hospital this morning after he collapsed in the Northern Quarter of Manchester

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene and no traces of fire were found, Manchester Evening News reports. 

The man was rushed to hospital this morning and no burns were found on his body.

It has been reported that his seizure was induced by the former legal high Spice, which has caused homeless people to be compared to zombies after leaving them in doped-up stupors.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: “We were called to reports that a man had taken Spice and was having a seizure on Thomas Street.

“The fire service found no trace of any fire and the man does not appear to have suffered burns.”


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