Plane crashes in Georgia fireball as witnesses describe watching stricken aircraft plummeting towards the ground

WITNESSES have described watching a plane dramatically fall from the sky in the US before smashing into the ground in a fireball.

The plane, believed to be a small private jet, is understood to have come down in Kennesaw, near Atlanta, Georgia.

Social media user Amy Gravley posted a picture of a shocking fireball in a residential area which she says was taken by her brother.

She tweeted: “Plane just crashed into a home in Kennesaw 2 houses down from my brother.

“He just sent me this photo. Cops just arrived on the scene.”

Another witness, student Devon Bishop, told The Sun Online: “I was standing on the deck of my apartment and my girlfriend Alexis pointed out a plane circling before it took a straight dive.

“There is a private airport less than three miles from us so we suspect it was trying to land there. It was a small aircraft.

“When we noticed the plane falling extremely fast we could tell something was wrong.

“We couldn’t see where it hit but there was a second pause of silence as our visual diminished behind the trees and then there was a loud boom. Moments after several sirens.”

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