Update/Upgrade problems

I’m using elementaryOS, on a 32-bit laptop. Everything is working great, until I decided to attempt to install NAEV (http://blog.naev.org/downloads/). I didn’t get it to download correctly, and ended up removing a package that it had me install in the installation steps.

Now, when I do sudo update, it goes spits out the normal update list.

When I do sudo upgrade, it says no upgrades available. It’s been about 2 months now, so I’m assuming upgrades are available, but it’s not seeing them?

In the update manager, I cannot check the check boxes in the update tab. If I check them, they immediately uncheck themselves.

I’ve tried a few things, did a bunch of searching, but have been unsuccessful fixing it. I get no error codes anywhere that I have seen. Just not getting updates/upgrades…

And to boot, I haven’t been able to install NAEV… Wish I could figure that out too.