Using VLOOKUP to retrieve data in separate sheet based on value

I have long account codes separated by dashes so they look like ##### – ### – # – ###. One of these dashes that separate the numbers is a departmental code. In my workbook I have a sheet called “dept_list” and in column E of that sheet I have a formula that derives the department code, in columns F & G, I have the account code & it’s description.

The list of account codes is very long so in order to save time, I have a sheet called “lookup” where the user can look up codes based on the department code. So, for example, if the account code the user is looking for has a department code ‘123’ inside of it, they can type ‘123’ in cell B2 on the ‘lookup’ sheet and click a ‘search’ button next to the cell which takes them to a separate sheet called ‘deptlookup’ which will list all of the account codes that have the dept code ‘123’ inside of it, as well as the account description.

I think a VLOOKUP might work for this. I’m just not sure how to set it up syntactically or if I have to do this in VBA. I’ve never done this before so, if anyone can give me any solid suggestions or advice on the best way to go about doing this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!