What is the motivation to edit posts that are likely to be flagged/removed?

I’ve edited many posts that were subsequently removed resulting in a loss of reputation attributed to those edits.

In general I’m now much more hesitant to even bother editing posts that I suspect will eventually be removed but it seems like insult to injury when you lose reputation gained from a useful edit after the post is removed (sometimes months afterwards). On smaller edits, it’s not a big deal but lengthier edits take a bit of time.

If we can’t at least retain the reputation points(however trivial) for the approved edit if the post is removed, I don’t see much motivation for doing so, the content won’t be around so at best it’s temporarily improving the quality.

Should I even bother editing posts that I have a more than minimal chance of being removed either by the community or user?

What is the reasoning behind taking back reputation from gained through approved edits if the post is removed by the user?