Who is Jonny Mitchell? Love Island 2017 lad and ‘secret millionaire’ from Essex

JONNY Mitchell arrived in the Love Island villa six days after the show started, but is still struggling to get on with the other housemates eight weeks in.

Here’s the lowdown on the Essex lad who threw the towel in with Camilla Thurlow to chase after Tyla Carr and who has been unveiled as not a millionaire after all…

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Jonny was hoping his jet-setting lifestyle would give him the edge in the villa[/caption]

Who is Jonny Mitchell?

Jet-setter Jonny Mitchell is a 26-year-old business director hailing from Essex.

He believes his Love Island USP is his globetrotting lifestyle – Jonny travels so much that he says he “pretty much lives abroad”, so is more than happy to be away from home.

The lothario says he’s spent the past year “making up for lost time” after splitting up with his fiancee, who he’d been with for five years and proposed to in the romantic tropical island of Bali.

It’s perhaps understandable then that Jonny admits some former flames might label him a commitaphobe, and that he’s broken a few hearts in his time.

Ultimately though, he’s just after a good time, and viewers could be in for a treat if things get lairy in the villa – Jonny says he has a habit of stripping naked and sleeping in other people’s beds after a night out.

During his stint in the show, it emerged that Jonny has been keeping a secret from the other islanders.

His Instagram account gives the impression that the Essex boy is secretly LOADED, and has embarked on recent trips to Russia, Rome and Bali.

Just days after his wealth was revealed, fans of the show appeared to turn on Jonny, and were desperate for him to be dumped from the show.

However, it has been revealed that all the expensive watches, flash cars and glamorous homes that litter his social media are either fake, borrowed or rented.

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Laid-back hunk Jonny is after a girl as fun-loving as himself[/caption]

What’s Jonny looking for in the Love Island villa?

The laid-back hunk says he’s mostly appearing on Love Island to create new experiences for himself, and to meet different people from outside the Essex social bubble.

He’s not fussy about looks, instead preferring a girl who’s as fun-loving as him – however, he draws the line at “really mouthy girls”.

But he has thought out a Love Island strategy, vowing to shun the best looking, but pickier girls in favour of “the less pretty one as they’re likely to latch on and stick with you to the end”.

And he won’t be afraid to take things all the way with a prospective lover, saying: “I’ll do anything. My family are pretty easy going, they won’t mind.”

Jonny has already broken a girl’s heart by disagreeing with her views

What is Love Island and when is it on?

Love Island sends a host of singletons looking for a good time over to a luxurious villa for a summer of passion.

Known for its hot and heavy sex scenes, the contestants are encouraged to pair up and convince the public they have found love.

In a twist at the end of the series, the winning couple are asked to either split the cash, or take the entire £50,000 pot home for themselves.

Talk about putting your love to the test!

Love Island airs nightly (apart from Saturdays) at 9pm on ITV2.

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