Who won University Challenge 2017 final, was Eric Monkman involved and who were the finalists?

BRITAIN’S top intellectual talents battled it out in the 2017 University Challenge final.

Clever clogs from Oxford and Cambridge Universities tackled tough trivia as they played for the title.

Here’s everything you need to know about the grand finale.

Wise up ahead of tonight’s University Challenge final

When is the University Challenge final 2017 and what channel is it on?

The University Challenge final airs TONIGHT at 8pm on BBC Two. The show will also be available on iPlayer after broadcast in case you miss it.

It is the culmination of nine months of televised competition that sees the top brains in the country battle it out for the title.

And it’s our last chance to watch this year’s batch of brainboxes tackle some baffling trivia.

Which universities are competing?

Wolfson College Cambridge will square off against Balliol College Oxford in the final.

The two teams also faced off in the quarter finals, when Wolfson emerged victorious with a score of 165-135, but either team could pull off a win tonight.

Both teams have some intellectual giants at the helm, and the show’s cult following is hotly anticipating a showdown between Wolfson’s Eric Monkman and Balliol’s Joey Goldman.

The Wolfson team is made up of team captain Eric Monkman, alongside teammates Justin Yang, Ben Chaudhri, and Paul Cosgrove.

Balliol is captained by Philosophy and Theology student Joey Goldman

Competing for Balliol are history student Freddie Potts, English student Jacob lloyd, and astrophysicist Benjamin Pope, captained by Joey Goldman.

The competition has been won by a Cambridge team for the last three years in a row, so the Oxford team enter the final as underdogs keen to take back the title from their rivals.

Who is Eric Monkman and is he in the final?

Eric Monkman is the breakout star of this year’s tournament.

His dog-bark-like answers before Jeremy Paxman can finish asking a question, furious concentrating face and immense general knowledge have sent fans into a frenzy.

Economics student Monkman has been branded “the most intense contestant ever” – but it pays off.

In the semi-finals against Emmanuel College Cambridge, Monkman scored 120 of his team’s 170 points, including almost half the ten-point starter questions.

The internet loves brainy Monkman

His razor-sharp wit has made for memorable appearances on the show that have sparked their own hashtag, #Monkmania, on Twitter.

Fans have drawn portraits and even made t-shirts with Monkman’s face on them as a tribute to his stellar and meme-worthy performance.

Who else should I look out for?

Balliol’s answer to Eric Monkman – although he hasn’t caused quite as much excitement on the internet – is “sassy” Philosophy and Theology student Joey Goldman.

Until the rise of Monkman, Goldman looked to be the biggest of this year’s bunch of brainboxes.

Joey Goldman gives good sass and wears eye-catching shirts

He impressed viewers with his quick answering speed, effortlessly answering questions about science and English kings in the semi-finals.

More than this, Goldman has had the temerity to sass Jeremy Paxman, muttering “whatever” when mocked for a wrong answer about British actors while competing against Robinson College Cambridge. The outburst prompted incredulity among fans of the show.

Goldman has also worn some eye-catching outfits while on the show, including a shirt patterned with dogs that prompted fans to ask where they could get one the same.

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