Windows 10 won’t remember RDP credentials anymore

I’ve got a question for you guys, I hope that you can help me. The question is simple, I don’t know about the solution…

The thing is I usually work with a made .rdp file that allows me to connect to a remote desktop session out of the box; the first time you executed it it just asked you the credentials and you were allowed to save them, so that it won’t ask you again, as seen in this pic.

I’ve never had problems with this, but lately (I think it happened since some Windows 10 update) it’s always asking me the credentials and doesn’t show the previous checkbox to remember them.

So the question is simple: How can I do (the simplest possible way) to make it ask me again wether I want to save them?

I tried some solutions like changing some values in gpedit.msc , at: Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Temples > System > Credentials Delegation ; and it works, but I would need a simpler solution (if possible) that just brings me back the checkbox.

I also confirmed already that it’s caused by an update, cause I found this thread at the official Microsoft forum which talks precisely about the same problem, and after the update my computer also couldn’t connect to that remote desktop session anymore because of a transport layer error (which I solved already by clearing the credentials from the Windows credentials manager, as mentioned in that thread). Then after that, I found the issue why I’m opening this post and the one that is discussed in the previous link too. They talk about a workaround by changing some .dll and .exe , but I need a simpler solution to tell the people I’m working with having same issue. I updated already to the latest available update (including KB4025342 that supposedly solves it) but it still doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.